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The CMIA is the only international industry body that focuses solely on critical minerals and driving international cooperation. 

Our domestic associations focus on delivering for their members at national levels. Scroll across to meet our associations!

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CMIA hosts discussion with CMA (UK), CMA Australia, CMA USA, and C2M2A about the challenges facing industry in 2024

What are critical minerals?

Critical minerals are the building blocks of renewable energy technologies, future tech, medical equipment, and so much more. 


Critical minerals are metals and non-metals that have supply chains vulnerable to disruptions and cannot be easily substituted.

Estimated investment required by lithium industry to meet 2030 demand

Projected increase  in annual copper demand by 2031

Estimated value of global magnet rare earth oxide consumption by 2040

New graphite, lithium, nickel and cobalt mines required to meet battery demand by 2035

About CMIA
Our Goals

The CMIA is an industry body focused on dismantling barriers and creating favourable conditions to diversify existing critical minerals supply chains. 

The CMIA supports like-minded governments in navigating geopolitical and supply chain complexities, better understanding industry needs across the value chain, and designing and implementing solution-focused strategies.

Building resilient, diversified, and responsible supply chains

Promote outcome-driven international collaboration

Support the critical minerals sector

Propel industry best practices and thought leadership



The CMIA is focused on enabling industry across the value chain to be at the forefront of policy change and build more resilient and agile supply chains. 



Governments play an increasingly important role in creating an enabling business environment to drive greater supply chain diversification.

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Education, research and innovation are crucial to developing more efficient and cost-effective practices and ensuring a talent pipeline for the future.


Becoming a member of the CMIA can help support your company in better understanding critical minerals value chains, broadening your network and opportunities through exclusive events, and positioning you as a thought leader. 

Explore our membership tiers and how the CMIA adds value to your operation. 

Impactful collaborations can lead to seismic changes within the industry and policy landscapes. 

Learn more about partnerships to find out how the CMIA can benefit your organisation. 

Our Domestic Associations

Our domestic associations focus on driving meaningful change within the nations in which they operate, putting their members and national goals first. 

Each domestic association is unique and tailored to delivering value for its members, supporting its governments and promoting the nation on the international stage. 

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