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Critical Minerals International Alliance

Building responsible, diversified, secure critical minerals supply chains

Our Mission

The CMIA aims to bridge the gap between Western nations and industry attempting to navigate complex and monopolised supply chains. The CMIA's motto is "outcome, not output" as we aim to create the resilient, secure, low-carbon, responsible critical minerals supply chains of the future.

This requires a collaborative and proactive approach to ensure that like-minded nations remove obstacles and pave the way for industry to innovate and find solutions to mitigate the effects of the forecasted shortfall in extracted critical minerals available for the manufacture of goods.

Our Goals

Promote outcome-driven international collaboration

Encourage multilateral government engagement to support the critical minerals value chain and remove barriers to vertical integration.

Support the critical minerals sector

Promote the sector through increased communication of supply chain complexities within like-minded nations across governments and related sectors, including technology, defence, automotive, and others.

Propel industry best practices and thought leadership

Be at the forefront of responsible, development, and growth of the industry while providing opportunities to learn and build networks along the supply chain.

Foundations of a Better Tomorrow

Critical minerals are the building blocks of renewable energy technologies, future tech, medical equipment, and so much more. 

The CMIA is committed to promoting best practices across the extraction, processing, and refining of critical minerals, and continual innovation of safer and better methods to truly build a better tomorrow.


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Connecting like-minded governments and industry

Building resilient, secure, responsible supply chains

Showcasing environmental, social, and governance best practices

Shaping the Annual Critical Minerals Summit

Membership open to companies across value chain

Membership exclusive to ten influential companies

Members actively steer CMIA agenda

Members have access to domestic associations network


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