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Membership of the CMIA offers the opportunity to network and collaborate with key players across critical minerals value chain and with government representatives. A collective international voice can drive pragmatic policy and regulatory changes to create better business environments much faster. 

Industry First

The CMIA supports the industry by collectively representing major players across the value chain, as well as the Critical Minerals Associations (CMAs) and their members at international conventions and during engagements with governments. By advocating for pragmatic changes to enable better business environments to allow Western companies to compete successfully in heavily monopolised markets.


The CMIA is committed to enabling resilient, diversified, secure, and responsible critical minerals supply chains.

Key focus areas:

  • Bolstering security of supply

  • Driving supply chain diversification and enabling integration 

  • Advocating for enabling business environments across the Minerals Security Partnership member nations 

  • Developing new finance models for exploration and high-risk strategic critical minerals projects

  • Influencing education and growing a critical minerals talent pipeline 

A Voice for Change

Critical minerals supply chains rely on extraction, processing and refining of raw materials. However, there are structural challenges facing the industry.


Geopolitical tensions and red tape are creating challenges for many downstream users to source responsible critical minerals. The CMIA highlights these challenges and advocates for change on behalf of the industry. 

The CMIA engages with various stakeholders to drive collaboration and problem-solving, focusing on pragmatic solutions. 

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Jeff - Desalination Riyadh 2023
Jeff - Madeline KingPanel 2023
Roundtable Australia House
Minister Madeline King In-conversation | London, UK | 2023
Innovation Driven Desalination | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | 2023
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