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Becoming a member of the CMIA can help support your company in better understanding critical minerals value chains, broadening your network and opportunities through exclusive events, and positioning you as a thought leader. 

Explore our membership tiers and how the CMIA adds value to your operation. 

A Voice for Change

Critical minerals supply chains rely on extraction, processing and refining of raw materials. However, there are structural challenges facing the industry.


Geopolitical tensions and red tape are creating challenges for many downstream users to source responsible critical minerals. The CMIA highlights these challenges and advocates for change on behalf of the industry. 

The CMIA engages with various stakeholders to drive collaboration and problem-solving, focusing on pragmatic solutions. 

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 17.11.37.png
Jeff - Desalination Riyadh 2023
Jeff - Madeline KingPanel 2023
Roundtable Australia House
Minister Madeline King In-conversation | London, UK | 2023
Innovation Driven Desalination | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | 2023
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