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2024: What challenges lie ahead for the critical minerals sector?

The CMIA has recently caught up with our domestic associations - 🇬🇧 Critical Minerals Association (UK), 🇦🇺 Critical Minerals Association Australia, and 🇺🇸 Critical Minerals Association USA - and partners 🇨🇦 Canadian Critical Minerals & Materials Alliance (C2M2A)!

With PDAC just around the corner and critical minerals markets - especially lithium and nickel - experiencing turmoil, the team dived into some of the challenges facing the industry this year, including:

- the race against time (supply vs projected demand)

- accessing finance and accelerating the delivery of projects

- changing the perceptions of the sector

Watch the video below

This session was hosted by Olimpia Pilch and we were joined by:

  • Jeff Townsend, CMIA

  • Kirsty Benham, CMA (UK)

  • Namali Mackay, CMA Australia

  • Thomas Hale, CMA USA

  • Ian London, C2M2A

  • Marilyn Spink, C2M2A



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