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Critical Minerals Opportunities in Saskatchewan

The Critical Minerals International Alliance was delighted to partner with the Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Research Council to welcome the Honourable Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Trade and Export Development, and Minister of Immigration and Career Training in London, United Kingdom for a breakfast networking reception with industry leaders.

“Not only do you have a transparent process […] but you have very strong public support for investment in this sector. There is a very large amount of employment that is a direct result of this for Saskatchewan people and consequently, you really do have strong support, including in indigenous communities.” Hon. Jeremy Harrison

Jeff Townsend, Founder and CEO of CMIA had the pleasure of hosting a fireside chat with Minister Harrison and Mike Crabtree, President and CEO of Saskatchewan Research Council that focused on Saskatchewan’s approach to critical minerals and creating a thriving business environment.

Saskatchewan highlights:

  • The province has known occurrences and mining operations of 23 critical minerals out of the 31 critical minerals on Canada’s list including battery metals

  • Saskatchewan has been investing in designing and building a fully integrated minerals-to-metals midstream plant for rare earth elements

  • Saskatchewan’s critical minerals strategy focuses on attracting private investment into its critical minerals sector

  • There is huge potential for partnerships and trade between Saskatchewan and the UK especially in critical minerals


Fireside Chat Highlights

What is Saskatchewan's critical minerals strategy?

How does the Government of Saskatchewan support its critical minerals sector?

How does Saskatchewan rank globally as a mining district?

Why Saskatchewan?


Read more about Saskatchewan’s delegation to the UK and Poland here.

About Saskatchewan

The province currently provides one-third of the world's potash and a fifth of the world's uranium. Saskatchewan supplies more than a third of the world's total exported durum wheat and is the world's top exporter of lentils and dry peas. In addition to being a world leader in agriculture, Saskatchewan is the fifth-largest oil producer in North America. Saskatchewan also manufacturers are producing a wide range of goods that are exported to markets across Canada and around the world.

About Saskatchewan Research Council

With nearly 350 employees, $232 million in annual revenue and over 75 years of RD&D experience, SRC is Canada’s second-largest research and technology organization with 1,600 clients in 22 countries around the world. SRC help clients from across the world solve technology problems, make improvements, seize opportunities, maintain competitiveness, increase productivity, and develop new markets.



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